Salmon Salmon

Duotone is a product design agency, specialized in also creating the visionary strategy, process and design system for the products.


The ways we deal with our work are like waves.
No two waves are ever the same in this world.
So we’re always deliberate. How to cross this wave
How to share the knowledge and experience we learned
in the process How to grow and to go beyond the next
wave. ‘For the next wave’ is Duotone’s mindset,
Being ready for the next wave, moving from today to tomorrow.

for the
for the next wave


we are

Salmon Salmon

We’re Duotone, where the salmon,
from a different perspective, beat today’s waves and solve tomorrow’s problems.


one team

Our specialty is having team members from various backgrounds.
We look at the problem from a different perspective and understand the world better. Different people work as a team and find balance. This is our driving force to solve today’s various and complex challenges.

We define the real problem by building empathy towards the users and creating a solid framework. Our design process is transparent. We dare to raise questions, share thoughts, and learn from giving and receiving feedback.

As a result, we deliver a systematic, balanced and scalable design system



Start with the right strategy to address the issues,
Establish a transparent collaboration processes to embrace different perspectives, Flexibly and respond to changes.
It consists of reusable design system buildings,
It’s easy to use, quick to apply, able to expand with tests.

  • strategy

    The strategy is to find the essence of the problem. Create a design strategy that works as a solid foundation for the solution.
    Observe the phenomenon, doubt it, question it, analyze it and find common features.
    Redefine the complex problem to a problem that can be solved.

  • process

    A process is a way to solve problems.
    Various stakeholders participate and share their perspectives, their work processes,
    Provide a framework to move forward together in Duotone.

  • system

    The system is about designing the solution.
    Duotone responds quickly and flexibly to changes in the environment,
    Provide a design system that can be reusable and flexibly expanded.



Duotone’s project begins with the question WHY.
Deliberate the essence of the problem, Define why we have to do the project,
who we have to pass on and what we have to talk about.

  • Gather inspiration

    Analyze the data collected from all interfaces with the user from multiple perspectives, Find the intersection the user and the customer want.

  • Generate ideas

    There is no limit to ideas. We look at it from a new point of view, discover the value In the process of reinterpreting, we get the ideas of original gemstones.

  • Make ideas tangible

    Ideas gradually take shape, thoughts and values get detailed, Completed in the form of an organized concept with a logical flow.

  • Share the story

    The story brings the concept to life. Gives a story that can be sympathized and experienced to deliver value, not technology.


Open Pass is a design education platform that helps and supports the designers to walk their career paths successfully with open possibilities. Each designer can learn, share, and grow to design more happily.

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Where we go through today’s waves
with a different point of view,
Where we solve tomorrow’s problems,
Where the salmon get together, We are Duotone.